~ Serving Team Options ~


  • Operations Team - Responsible for the overall functioning of the service and other aspects of the ministry.
  • TEX (Task Execution) Team - Responsible for everything administrative; registration, Tribes, Life Groups, student database, submitting forms on behalf of Remnant, creating documents (permission slips, notifications, etc.), email blasts, etc.
  • Life Group Leader Team - Responsible for facilitating Life Group Sessions w/ the students relating to the message for the day. Also responsible for connecting with students periodically in between services to build relationships w/ students.
  • Audio/Visual Team - Responsible for the behind the scenes business such as graphics, scriptures/sermon notes, assisting with the Music department making sure words to songs appear on the screens, and making sure microphones are working properly for praise team and communicators.
  • Message Team - Responsible for communicating a message to the students during service.
  • X-Factor Team - The difference maker of the service. Responsible for adding the ‘fun’ element to the service by creating games and/or challenges for students to participate in during service. Unique to the tribe initiative creating the element of friendly competition and a team atmosphere.
  • Social Media Team - Responsible for updating avenues of social media for the ministry (Instagram and Snapchat) with pictures and videos of various aspects of the ministry. 
  • Setup/Breakdown Team - Responsible for setting up for Remnant service and breaking down every 2nd Sunday.
  • Creative Team - Responsible for making service elements innovative such as drama, messages, games, visuals, etc. 
  • Hospitality Team -To serve Remnant by becoming responsible for providing a warm, welcome, and inviting atmosphere for students, parents, guests, and guest artists.

~ Volunteer Application ~